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The moderator of Isocortex, an avid science nut with a MS.c. in Clinical Neuropsychology, believes that research should be accessible and understandable to everyone with an interest in it.

Free Online Psychology-Related Courses

I’ve compiled a list of various courses available right now for FREE that are related to the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral medicine. Enjoy, learn, and please share!

Humanities & Social Sciences

Introduction to Sociology by Harvey Molotch, NYU

Literature and Psychoanalysis by John Fletcher, University of Warwick

Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature by Tamar Gendler, Yale

Philosophy of Mind by John Searle, UC Berkeley

The Nature of Mind by John Joseph Campbell, UC Berkeley


Adolescent Health and Development by Robert Blum, Johns Hopkins

Animal Behavior by Gerald Schneider, MIT

AI - Natural Language Processing by Christopher Manning, Stanford

Autism and Related Disorders by Frank Volkmar, Yale

Brain Structure and Its Origins by Prof. Gerald Schneider, MIT

Clinical Psychology by Ann Kring, UC Berkeley

Cognitive Neuroscience by Richard Ivry, UC Berkeley

Developmental Psychology by Alison Gopnik, UC Berkeley

Developmental Psychopathology by Stephen Hinshaw, UC Berkeley

Enhancing Humane Science - Improving Animal Research by Alan M. Goldberg & James Owiny, Johns Hopkins

How to Think Like a Psychologist by Multiple Staff, Standford

Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky, Stanford

Human-Computer Interaction Seminar by Multiple Staff, Stanford

Human Emotion by Dacher Keltner, UC Berkeley

Introduction to Psychology by Paul Bloom, Yale

Introduction to Psychology by John Gabrieli, MIT

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis by Brenda Gunderson, University of Michigan

Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries by Judith Bass, Johns Hopkins

Neural Networks and Biological Modeling by Wolfram Gerstner, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Neuroscience and Behavior by Gerald Schneider, MIT

Psychology of Perception by UW-Madison

Research and Data Analysis in Psychology by Frederic Theunissen, UC Berkeley

Scientific Approaches to Consciousness by John F. Kihlstrom, UC Berkeley

Social Psychology: Self and Society by Robb Willer, UC Berkeley

Statistics for Behavioral Science by Elizabeth Bauer, NYU

Statistical Reasoning I and II by John McGready, Johns Hopkins

The New Psychology of Depression by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, Oxford

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